How To Maintain Fresh Bread

The shelf life varies from one type of bread to another. Here’s a couple of tips and trick to get the best from your loaves of bread!For your typical thin Baguette style loaves, it’s at it’s best for 6 hours. The baguette is a "Have it now" loaf to consume fairly quickly. You can enjoy its crunchy crust and soft mellow inside within 6 hours after p...
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Millennials are Demanding More

Australia’s Millennial generation is fast gaining a reputation as a cohort that is demanding more from society, government and itself, and companies like Bakers Maison, a leading bakery supplier, is sitting up and taking notice.There are some conjecture about the exact years the Millennial generation spans, but most agree it includes people born fr...
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For The Love Of Bread

People and bread, a beautiful love story that has been going on for years. Bread occupies a predominant place on our tables, it is even inseparable from our daily lives as of 1 in 2 Australians confesses not to be able to do without it. 95% of consumers are satisfied with the bread they buy, so no way to do without it. It must be said that the...
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Bread - Friend or Foe?

Mixed messages are noticed when asked about the role of bread and its nutritional benefits. This is the result of a new study by the CSA (Consumer Science & Analytics) Institute that shows a strong ignorance of the population about the nutritional contributions and realities of bread. The bread observatory warns of the perverse effects of this ...
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Rise of the Croissant

In typical French tradition, a day's old croissant is more often than not turned into a brand new sugared almond croissant by adding a layer of frangipane, sprinkling with confectioner's sugar, and re-baked.  This tradition and the excitement of on-the-go consumers have pushed Bakers Maison to developed a Croissant range that caters to th...
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Being Transparent

Successive food scandals have undermined consumer confidence. Now suspicious, customers are expecting from their food suppliers exemplary and honest responses.The questioning is not new. Australians began to wonder about the content of their plate for the past couple of years. Their questions have continued to grow. What is new in the recipe? is it...
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Meal Kits On The Rise

What are Meal Kits?Meal kits contain pre-portioned ingredients and recipe instructions for a complete meal, that shoppers prepare and cook themselves. Meal kits are a small category with big potential. During the past eight months, the number of Australianhouseholds who have made a HelloFresh and Marley Spoon purchase was 1.5% of total househo...
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How has Croissants & coffee become embedded in Australians habits?

Coffee has buzzed its way in the heart of Australians: polls show that it is their favourite drink, just after water. But how has coffee become such an important drink in our Australian culture?Around 93% of Australians are gourmands who like to enjoy a croissant or a sweet treat with their coffee.So how was coffee introduced in Australia?According...
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Going Green - On the way to 'baking' a better world

Going green means caring for the environment by making a deliberate effort to be part of the change. It is about limiting your footprint on the environment and also encouraging others to follow your example. However, note that going green is not limited to recycling, but living a sustainable lifestyle. Going green is about making small adjustments ...
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Digging deeper into Country of Origin labelling

three wise
grown australia
produced in aus
In our previous blog The impact and benefits of being local, we touched on Australia’s new Country of Origin labelling requirements introduced on July 1, 2018. In this blog we delve deeper in to what the labels mean and the effect they are having on food producers and the foodservice industry.On July 1, 2016 the Australian government introduced a n...
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The impact and benefits of being local

Do you know where your food comes from? Do the terms ‘sustainable farming’ or ‘ethically and responsibly sourced’ mean anything to you? Do your customers care about any of this, or is price the most important thing to them?Over the past decade the food and agriculture industry has undergone major change. That’s no surprise considering the impact of...
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The importance of special dietary menus

A lot of thought and planning goes in to a menu. From creating and implementing certain dishes that capitalise on seasons and seasonal ingredients, to special events or an establishment’s theme (Greek, Italian, etc…). Menus will always need to go through some form of change to remain fresh, exciting and relevant. One way in which menus are changing...
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One grain to rule them all?

Wholegrain Bread
When it comes to bread, do you know how many variations there are? There’s a lot. Sure, it’s not a definitive number, but when you consider there are well over 300 variations in Germany alone, of which some even have regional variations , you can kind of get the picture.But one of the most confusing questions anyone has asked in regard to bread is:...
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Ready, set, bake this festive season

The festive season brings out the baker in all of us. It’s the family get-togethers, the warm nostalgia of an annual reunion of far-flung family members, the sharing, the air of positivity, the reflection on the year that was and the promise of the year that will be.With the festive season comes an influx of mouths to feed. With that in mind, here ...
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Around the world in 80 sandwiches

Broodje Kroket
At Bakers Maison we take our sandwiches pretty seriously. Sandwiches are our metaphorical bread and butter, after all. So when we compile a list of sandwiches from all over the world, we do so comprehensively. While many lists across the internet tick the boxes, they often focus on the ‘wiches we know and love while forgetting their lesser-known co...
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Technology upgrades for the baking industry

Like every other manufacturing sector, baking continually faces challenges and competition to stay relevant and become more efficient. Aside from business and community pressures, there are also environmental pressures as well.Once an industry that focused on the manual ‘hands-on’ approach, where the only way to increase production was to get up ea...
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Let us entertain you!

cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel
Danish Pastry
With Spring already sprung and Summer hot on its heels, the weather is warming up and becoming more agreeable for entertaining. So. what’s a girl, or guy, to do?This month we are taking a look at some of the most popular breads and pastries to serve and supply for the entertaining season. And how can we start this blog without featuring our finest ...
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The history of the sandwich

John Montagu 4th Earl of Sandwich
Hillel sandwich
 Charting the rise of the sandwich, from invention to evolution, from where it’s been to where it’s going.The humble sandwich. The ‘sando’. Two slices with the hearty stuff in between.The sandwich is undoubtedly the most ingenious use of bread in the history of, well, bread. Savoury. Sweet. Toasted. Fresh. Baked. Open. Submarine. Single slice....
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When fresh met frozen

Whether you’re the person preparing the food or the person consuming it – or the person running the hospitality business that serves it – the shifting perceptions around fresh and frozen food are real. Perceptions are changing. And fast.The changing image of fresh food and frozen food in the world of baking is being facilitated by the evolution and...
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Bakers Maison launches Coeliac Certified Range to meet growing market demand

According to Coeliac Australia, approximately one in 70 Australians are affected by coeliac disease , a significant medical condition that can cause serious problems if it not diagnosed and treated. Coeliac disease is now four times more common in Australia than it was five decades ago. Recent research has also found that around 2.4 million Austral...
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